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Refereeing with NEWFA

Here at NEWFA we are always promoting football, whether that be for coaches, players or officials, and let's be honest we cannot have a game without a referee. This page features numerous links to finding an official and various documents that officials may need to refer to after undertaking a game.

Being a referee is another way of being part of the game and offers so many opportunities, not only receiving a payment for your efforts, but being part of the pyramid that makes up Welsh football, whether this be at grass routes or progressing through the system to officiate at the highest level in Wales, the Cymru Premier.  From this there are opportunities for FIFA, but this is totally up to you. If you are interested in Refereeing please contact our Referees' Officer Mr Steve Jones on

For further information about the online course, why not check out This site provides an insight and opportunities to undertake the qualification.

Referee Information

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