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Simplified Laws of the Game

The International Football Association Board have recently released a new website, which is intended to be a simplified Laws of the Game resource. The website was developed to allow the rules of football to be more accessible to all.

The website can be found here:

The sidebar on the left of the website allows users to navigate through various aspects of the LOTG, which are simplified to aid understanding.

An official explanation from IFAB can be found below.

This project was launched with the aim to make the Laws better understood, and through that for example, help reduce frustrations following (correct) referee decisions, as knowledge increases acceptance.

As people mainly google-search for ‘rules ‘(rather than ‘Laws’) and usually search for less technical terminology (“penalties” rather than “kicks from the penalty mark”), we hope that this version will help those looking for a simple guide to the Laws to find and understand the Laws more easily. The level of detail is still high and includes all necessary information to ensure the rules are “complete” from an IFAB point of view, but it is drafted in less-technical language with a different structure (by terminology, rather than Laws 1-17). While this is an IFAB ‘publication’, the Football Rules are not the reference for football and we can therefore amend and adapt the content as necessary or helpful.

NEWFA find this website to be a very helpful asset, as we believe the laws should be easily accessible by our referees, players and even the fans.


Conor Jones

NEWFA Media Officer



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